FIM Press Release EC Trial Bilstain (B)

Blazoned venue chosen to close the 23rd edition of the European Trial series: the theater of the 80’s and part of the 90’s Belgian world rounds: the Bilstain domain. A large private terrain in North-East of Belgium fully dedicated to off-road motorcycling sport: Trial and Enduro. In this coming week-end it will host all the best riders engaged in the various European championship or cup trophies. Starting on Saturday here are on the stage, the Women’s and the Youth’s, to continue on Sunday where we are expecting the Over40, the Juniors and the Europe class. On the competition loop, 12 sections to be repeated twice on Saturday competition. Three section more on Sunday’s.

Still four titles have to be assigned, because the Over 40 Cup was already clinched by Finn Jussi Haapanen (Gas Gas) , winner of three events and so crowned European champion in Tanvald, in the event before.

Between the Women the title seems to be a German affair since two Teutonic girls are now tied on the top of the overall standing: Ina Wilde (Gas Gas) and Theresa Bauml (Ossa) gathered both 270 points in the previous 3 rounds. In third – 60 points distant -Italian Sara Trentini (Ossa), ready to take advantage of any possible false step of the first twos.

On the contrary, the situation in the Youth class looks more defined , because in the other 3 rounds we saw only one winner: British Dan Peace (Gas Gas). Now, strong of having got 300 points, he knows that even a poor 8th place is enough to be crowned.
Very few the hopes for runner-up Italian Luca Petrella (Ossa)- who chases 60 points behind – and for the third in the standing, British Tony Martin (Beta), other 40 points below.

Even between the Juniors there is a rider in a privileged position. Here this round represents the number 5 in the series. German Sasha Neumann (Gas Gas) winner of two rounds is now leading 70 points clear of Italian Marco Fioletti (Beta). It means that only
arriving in 10th place and in case of victory of the latter, he can loose the title. More uncertain the final second place, because only 10 points separate Fioletti by Sweden Marcus Eliasson (Beta).

But the focus is still on the queen class, from ever the most spectacular to watch cause
the big obstacles that riders must overtake. Here the fought seems restricted to the leader German Franz Kadlec (Beta) and number two, 40 points late, country-home Maxime Warenghien (Sherco), who could count on local supporters to push him in tipping over the odds,mostly in favor of the German’s, champion if he just arrives on the podium. Italian Luca Cotone (Sherco) is the outsider, able to insert between them or even to beat both too much concentrated in controlling each others.
With the title already conquered, Finn Jussi Haapanen (Gas Gas) will ride without any pressure in the Over 40 class. To catch the runner-up position last year champion, Dutch John Van Veelen is smoothly ahead of Italian Walter Feltrinelli, both Ossa mounting.

Norway wins Nordic Team Championship 2014

In Kinna, Sweden was this weekend the two-days Nordic Championship. On Saturday the riders were competing for the individual title, today it was time for the team title.

With the closest margin possible, it was Norway beating their equal opponent Sweden. Norway survived the tie-break with two more clean sections then Sweden.

The Norwegians took almost all the titles today. The Junior title and the women’s title went to Norway too.

Full results (PDF)


20th edition of Flanders largest trial event

Trial is popular in Belgium this year. A few weeks ago the FIM World Championship took place in Comblain au Pont and the European final, organised in Bilstain, will take place at the end of August.

Just two weeks after the European final, Belgium is ready for their 20th edition of the “Trial Kleigroeve”. It’s an open two-days trial event, well organised and full of hospitality. The venue looks like a world championship during the event . Riders and spectators can expect a surprisingly good organised event, organised by a very enthusiastic team. Continue reading